Ippudo Westside Review – A new line at midtown

As my world pivoted this year from college to corporate, familiar sights and tastes are as precious as old friends. When they are enjoyed together, stepping off the hamster wheel becomes even more of a transformation.

Ippudo Westside

Ippudo Westside

I first went to Ippudo three years ago on Halloween dressed as god knows what. There were people with extra appendages fighting for what already was standing room only. Today, in midtown west, Ippudo was a brunch goers dream. I leaned against the bar without oppressive crowds, and was seated immediately once my friends arrived. Would the noodles be as good without the commitment of time?

ippudo1We start with the croquettes. A gentle explosion of crab and shrimp cream. Breaded lightly without the burden of grease, the fillings were oceanic and creamy all at once.

ippudo2Then we simply welcomed the noodles. There was just the three, shiromaru, akamaru, and karaka–and three was all that was needed. I have photos of the trio, but only the karaka passed my lips. The soup was rich, and subsumed the spicy miso dollop beautifully. The noodles were slender but forged with integrity – each bite a statement. I did not kaedama today, but I could not put all spin classes to waste.

ippudo3ippudo5Like the relationship some folks have with David Chang, I have with Ippudo. With a line that long, I didn’t want to be the loving fool that waited. And yet, when my stomach let out this morning’s mighty grumble, it was answered admirably by the rich broth. There are it seems also new items beyond ramen that might tickle my fancy, but already, stepping outside I could see the burgeoning crowd. I remain uncertain if my infatuation will sustain, probably a relationship inversely related to the length of the line. A few days more then maybe?


Rating: ★★★☆☆ 
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Ippudo Westside
321 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-2500

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